The Biggest Social Media Trends in 2017


In a recent interview with twelve of the top social media thought leaders thy were asked to let us know what the top social trends we must be aware of in 2017. Although there was some variation in their answers the one clear winner was that all of them thought video and LIVE video is the most important trend and something we all need to start doing immediately.

Here are some of the highlights and key points to take note of:

  • People are posting less
  • Video marketing, Facebook, VR and 360 videos
  • Growth in recorded and live video
  • Influencer marketing, content marketing and video
  • Social media marketing is content curation
  • Live video is a huge trend
  • Content as a paid media channel
  • We’re in the early adopter phase of live video marketing
  • Strengthening ties with customers at every stage of their buying decision
  • Videos! Live video, interactive video, and more videos! Videos! Videos!
  • Live Raw Authentic Video
  • Live video. All the major social networks are racing to gather those eyeballs

There’s no question that if your brand is not comfortable creating video, you need turn that around immediately! 

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