3 Tips To Boost Your YouTube Marketing


Youtube Marketing Tips

You already know that video is the future of marketing. Video accounts for 57% of all consumer internet traffic and that’ll be 79% inside 2 years. These stats are pretty crazy and although Facebook has made major strides with video YouTube is still the BIG daddy and it’s essential you are optimising this platform in your marketing efforts.

YouTube is not simply a website; it is a search engine. YouTube’s user-friendliness, combined with the soaring popularity of video content, has made it the second largest search engine behind Google. With 3 billion searches per month, YouTube’s search volume is larger than that of Bing, Yahoo, AOL and Ask.com combined. If YouTube’s user base were a country, it would be the third largest in the world.

Here are 3 tips to help your YouTube marketing

  1. Optimize your videos and playlists for Watch Time
    So, if viewers watch your videos – and suggested videos – beyond the first view, then your videos are more likely to be ranked highly in YouTube’s search results and related videos.
  2. Optimize your videos and playlists for mobile devices
    How do you do this? Well, if you’re making content for a mobile audience, then you should really consider making vertical content. For most smartphone users, it’s just more natural to hold the device one handed and upright, so the vertical format is more palatable for many.
  3. Optimize your video marketing strategy for YouTube
    Yes, other video platforms are getting “views.” But, 5,500 consumers recently told researchers commissioned by Brightcove that 50% of their social video views currently take place on YouTube, 36% on Facebook, and the remaining 14% is split over networks like Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat.

Click here to learn more: http://tubularinsights.com/3-youtube-numbers-video-marketers/

NEW Instagram Feature Update – Instagram Carousels


Instagram just rolled out a cool new feature that now allows users to upload as many as 10 photo’s or videos into one single post. The images then appear in a single post in a carousel which is pretty cool and I think opens up multiple opportunities to tell a story or just share multiple moments from a party or an event without having to share a ton of new posts.

Here is a quote form Instagram’s blog regarding this new update:

With this update, you no longer have to choose the single best photo or video from an experience you want to remember. Now, you can combine up to 10 photos and videos in one post and swipe through to see them all.

Share your favorite moments of your best friend’s surprise birthday party, from setting up to when they walk through the door. Or create a step-by-step cake recipe that people can always find on your profile. “

Learn more here: http://blog.instagram.com/post/157572774352/170222-multiple

Here is a video explaining the new feature in some more detail:

This feature will allow users to create some pretty cool posts and I think it’s a great new addition to an incredibly cool app.

5 Steps To Building A Solid Digital Strategy


Building A Solid Digital Strategy

One of the biggest challenges most people face is trying to navigate the digital landscape without a solid strategy. Here are 5 key tips for creating a digital strategy. Audience, Content, Channels, Analysis, and Implementation!

  1. Audience

    First things first, we need to understand who our target market is and what it is they want to talk to you about. So in order to create great content that solves the problems of your potential new customer audience you need to be acutely aware of who you are targeting and talking to. It’s best practice to try and define the persona based on their wants and needs and then you can plan your strategy around fulfilling those needs.

  2. Content

    Once you have a clear understanding of who are talking to and how they want to be spoken to this gives you a very clear guide on what type content you ned to create. In order to help build relationships and trust within your audience your content needs to solve a problem and provide value without trying to sell.

  3. Channels

    The next step in crafting your digital strategy requires some research based on your target market demographics to see which platforms they are currently active on. Then have a look at what content works best on each platform and based on the content you discovered thats required you can decide which platforms work best for you.

  4.  Analysis

    Then you need to make sure once you have decided on the platforms you are going to start pushing content across that you have a plan in place to engage with your audience and that you have thought about how you are going to monitor the conversations that will start happening. There are many tools on the market to help with this and which one you decide will be dependent on your budget and requirements.

  5. Implementation

    Then last but certainly not least you have to take action and be consistent but if you have planned effectively you simply just follow your plan. The key to success will be consistency so keep at it and follow your plan.

Instagram Marketing Predictions for 2017


With the rapid changes happening almost daily across the social networks there are many business owners wondering if Instagram is the right fit for their brand. Well let me tell you currently Instagram is our network of choice and it has become the main source of driving traffic into our website. Also the engagement we are receiving is far greater than Facebook and Twitter so it really is a no-brainer…

Instagram Predictions For 2017

Also in the last year Instagram has been constantly updating and adding new features so with that in mind here are some predictions for 2017 to watch out for:

  1. Instagram Analytics Data and User Experience Will Improve
  2. Instagram Overtakes Snapchat Market Share
  3. Use of User-generated Content Becomes More Common on Instagram
  4. Instagram Keeps Competitors at Bay With Improved Functionality
  5. Better Instagram Business Tools Emerge
  6. Shoppable Product Tags Put Instagram Sales Front and Center
  7. Instagram Embraces Marketers With Expanded Business Profile Features
  8. Instagram Requires More Attention From Marketers

What do you think? Which changes will most affect your approach to Instagram marketing? Which of these predictions is most interesting to you?

Click here to read more: http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/8-instagram-marketing-predictions-for-2017-from-the-pros/

10 Ways To Grow Your Instagram Presence


Instagram For Business

Because there are plenty of social networks used for doing business, some people wonder how choosing Instagram can help their business?

Many experts in the field have an answer for this question, and most of them agree on one key point: the success of any business starts when its founders use all of their creativity to drive the growth of the business. This is where Instagram comes into play and offers many benefits for your business.

Here are 10 ways to improve your Instagram game:

  1. Cross-promote Across Social Channels to Gain Followers
  2. Add Emojis to Your Bio To Boost Discoverability
  3. Create a Photo Theme to Reinforce Familiarity
  4. Add Hashtags to Gain Traction
  5. Use Audience Preferences to Inform Your Content Strategy
  6. Offer “Share for Shares” to Boost Exposure
  7. Run Giveaways to Attract New Followers
  8. Craft a Bio to Clarify Your Purpose
  9. Create Quote Graphics to Reach New Users Through Shares
  10. Pay It Forward to Increase Exposure

For more information go here: http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/10-ways-to-grow-an-organic-instagram-presence/

The Biggest Social Media Trends in 2017


In a recent interview with twelve of the top social media thought leaders thy were asked to let us know what the top social trends we must be aware of in 2017. Although there was some variation in their answers the one clear winner was that all of them thought video and LIVE video is the most important trend and something we all need to start doing immediately.

Here are some of the highlights and key points to take note of:

  • People are posting less
  • Video marketing, Facebook, VR and 360 videos
  • Growth in recorded and live video
  • Influencer marketing, content marketing and video
  • Social media marketing is content curation
  • Live video is a huge trend
  • Content as a paid media channel
  • We’re in the early adopter phase of live video marketing
  • Strengthening ties with customers at every stage of their buying decision
  • Videos! Live video, interactive video, and more videos! Videos! Videos!
  • Live Raw Authentic Video
  • Live video. All the major social networks are racing to gather those eyeballs

There’s no question that if your brand is not comfortable creating video, you need turn that around immediately! 

Click here to read the full article: http://scienceofdigitalmarketing.com/social-media-strategy/12-thought-leaders-answer-whats-the-biggest-social-marketing-trend-that-will-change-business-in-2017/

5 Tips For Doing Business In the Digital Age


Doing Business In The Digital Age

As technology and our lifestyles evolve I see a lot of businesses struggling to adapt and therefore as a consequence not managing to generate new leads in order to keep their businesses growing in these tricky economic times. Doing business in the digital age has many benefits and the few that have embraced the change and dedicated themselves to learning the nuances of the digital landscape are thriving and leaving their competitors behind…

With that in mind here are 5 tips for doing business in the digital age:

  1. Think MOBILE First
    The world has gone mobile and all you need to do is simply look around people are face down buried in their phones. It’s not only the millennial’s but everyone so without a strong mobile strategy you will be left behind. Did you know that over 90% of Facebook users access Facebook via their mobile device. Consumer behavior has changed and we need to adapt or die…
  2. Have a Solid Digital Strategy
    It still amazes me that most businesses who are struggling to generate new business and leads are still repeating the same old mistakes through outdated advertising methods hoping that something will change. Well let me tell you it won’t so best you start preparing yourself for the worst. Without a clear digital strategy to engage and reach new customers you will be left behind.

  3. Think Long Term
    In order to truly judge a ROI on your digital marketing you need to understand that it does take time and requires a lot of work plus consistency. As in life relationships take time to develop and as you build out your brands presence across the digital channels this too takes time. The more great content you put out the more opportunities you are giving your potential audience to connect with you and get to know you better. Remember that people still do business with people we are just connecting in new ways…

  4. Market Like it’s 2017
    In today’s society digital and mainly social have become part of our every day lives and never before in history has there been an opportunity for business to reach potential customers the way they can today. Social media has opened up a conversation channel which can allow us to build relationships with our target market which is priceless BUT this needs to be done in the correct way. Stop pondering if Facebook, Instagram or even Snapchat is right for your business and just embrace them quickly. Start learning what it takes to nurture your audience and what content they are searching for. Market like it’s 2017…

  5. Don’t Fight the Trends
    Traditional advertising platforms such as print, flyers billboards and even radio are rapidly dying a death because without any tangible way to measure the results of these campaigns it’s very hard to prove ROI. Where as in the digital space everything is 100% measurable and the results speak for themselves. Follow the trends and jump in as soon as possible and you will see the tangible difference in your business over the next few months. At the moment the biggest trend is video and to be more specific LIVE video so best you get in front of that camera and start shooting. Here is a fact for you to ponder 93% of all buying decisions are influenced by social media so we don’t have a choice on whether we do social media BUT how well we do it!


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