5 Steps To Building A Solid Digital Strategy


Building A Solid Digital Strategy

One of the biggest challenges most people face is trying to navigate the digital landscape without a solid strategy. Here are 5 key tips for creating a digital strategy. Audience, Content, Channels, Analysis, and Implementation!

  1. Audience

    First things first, we need to understand who our target market is and what it is they want to talk to you about. So in order to create great content that solves the problems of your potential new customer audience you need to be acutely aware of who you are targeting and talking to. It’s best practice to try and define the persona based on their wants and needs and then you can plan your strategy around fulfilling those needs.

  2. Content

    Once you have a clear understanding of who are talking to and how they want to be spoken to this gives you a very clear guide on what type content you ned to create. In order to help build relationships and trust within your audience your content needs to solve a problem and provide value without trying to sell.

  3. Channels

    The next step in crafting your digital strategy requires some research based on your target market demographics to see which platforms they are currently active on. Then have a look at what content works best on each platform and based on the content you discovered thats required you can decide which platforms work best for you.

  4.  Analysis

    Then you need to make sure once you have decided on the platforms you are going to start pushing content across that you have a plan in place to engage with your audience and that you have thought about how you are going to monitor the conversations that will start happening. There are many tools on the market to help with this and which one you decide will be dependent on your budget and requirements.

  5. Implementation

    Then last but certainly not least you have to take action and be consistent but if you have planned effectively you simply just follow your plan. The key to success will be consistency so keep at it and follow your plan.